The world's longest lasting, highest energy cell is Tadiran, the ONLY battery PROVEN to last up to 40 years.
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Recent Press Releases

Tadiran develops rechargeable lithium-ion cells for remote wireless applications

Tadiran Rapid Response (TRR) Series batteries activate instantly, delivering improved performance and extending operating life up to 15%

KOHLER'S first 30­year touchless commercial faucet powered by Tadiran

Tadiran introduces cost-effective, high energy TLM Military Grade lithium batteries

Tadiran awarded exclusive multi-year contract for Lithium batteries to power advanced water meters

Tadiran introduces the TLM 1550, the world's first high rate AA-size lithium battery that delivers 15A pulse / 5A continuous discharge

Tadiran comes to the rescue with PulsesPlus lithium batteries for emergency roadside assistance systems

Tadiran PulsesPlus batteries ideal for long-term, maintenance-free GPS tracking

Application Testimonials Video

Aclara automatic meter reading (AMR) unitsTwenty-five years ago, Aclara™ (formerly Hexagram,Inc.) installed hundreds of thousands automatic meter reading (AMR) devices for the utility market. Powered by a Tadiran TL-2100 AA-size lithium thionyl chloride battery. View Video»

AMSAFE AviationAMSAFE aviation airbags enhance the safety of conventional seatbelts by protecting airline passengers, pilots and crew members against head and neck injuries during a crash. View Video»

NortekUSA AquadoppAn ocean engineer discusses the use of Tadiran PulsesPlus battery packs in NortekUSA Aquadopp acoustic wave current meters and profilers. View Video»